TIGFT Tournament Rules

The angling rules laid down by the IGFA would be followed in this event.While there are no judges on each boat, a high standard of sportsmanship is expected. In the event of any disputes, the decision of the tournament judge/protest committee would be final.

All boats participating in this event must have a working VHF radio on board. All strikes, hook ups and landings must be reported to tournament control as they occur. VHF channel 62 would be the operating channel for this tournament.

The following species of fish would be eligible for points including minimum weights below:

  • Blue Marlin – 500 Pounds
  • White Marlin – 60 Pounds
  • Sailfish – 60 Pounds
  • SpearfishYellow – 60 Pounds
  • fin Tuna – 20 Pounds
  • Wahoo – 20 Pounds
  • Dolphin – 20 Pounds

Points would be awarded for released Billfish as follows:

  • Blue Marlin – 500 points,
  • White Marlin – 250 points
  • Sailfish – 250 points
  • Spearfish – 250 points

Please note that in order to obtain release points, teams must submit a clear digital photo or video evidence of each fish prior to release. In addition, teams must take a sequence photo which would be directed from Tournament control after the release. All teams are responsible for providing their own digital camera. Tournament control requires that all cameras are emptied from all data on day one. A photo sequence will be announced on each fishing morning prior to lines down. Please note that all teams must have the correct photo sequence on each of the fishing mornings to obtain release points. It should also be noted that the tournament will have joint rights to all photos taken by the cameras used by teams to secure points. The following line test would be allowed – 30, 50, 80 & 130. Please note that line testing over 130 pounds would not be allowed for record claims. Therefore, it is recommended that a reputable IGFA rated line be use particularly in the heavier classes.

Points would be awarded for landed fish as follows:

  • Blue Marlin over 500 pounds  –  2 points per pound
  • White Marlin over 60 pounds  –  4 points per pound
  • Sailfish over 60 pounds  –  4 points per pound
  • Spearfish over 60 pounds  –  4 points per pound
  • Yellow fin Tuna over 20 pounds  –  1 point per pound
  • Wahoo over 20 pounds  –  1 point per pound
  • Dolphin over 20 pounds  –  1 point per pound

Penalty points would be deducted for underweight Billfish as follows:

  • Blue Marlin under 500 pounds – 500 points
  • White Marlin under 60 pounds – 250 points
  • Sailfish under 60 pounds – 250 points
  • Spearfish under 60 pounds – 250 points

All landed Billfish must be brought to the scale. Failure to do so will automatically incur penalty points.

All fish brought to scale will become the property of the TGFT committee.

Live bait may be used provided it is caught by a registered boat/angler during the fishing hours of each day.

Bimini Start on day one will be at 7am.

All participating boats must check in with tournament control prior to the Bimini start on the tournament working VHF channel. Teams participating in the Bimini start would receive 250 points.

No Boat is allowed to leave the Bay before 5:30am on Fishing Days

Day One-Lines down – Immediately after Bimini Start

Email: daniella2345@yahoo.com

Mailing Address:

Tobago International Game Fishing Tournament

P.O. Box 67, Scarborough, Tobago