2006 Tournament Results

Check out the results from the 2006 Tobago International Game Fishing Tournament…

Top 10 Boats:

2006 Top 10 Boats
Place Boat Name Points
1st Place Boat HAPPY HUNTER 2317.25 pts.
2nd Place Boat MISCHIEF 1860.38 pts.
3rd Place Boat HARD PLAY II 1731.25 pts.
4th Place Boat HOOK 1700 pts.
5th Place Boat PAIR A DICE 1269.10 pts.
6th Place Boat SHOOTER 1230.88 pts.
7th Place Boat HOPSCOTCH 1200 pts. (based on time of catch tie-breaker)
8th Place Boat CHARGE UP 1200 pts.
9th Place Boat HARD PLAY 924.38 pts.
10th Place Boat PAR TEE TIME 855.68 pts.

Largest of Species:

2006 Largest of Species Award
Fish Type Weight Fisherman Boat
Largest Yellowfin Tuna 57.1 lbs. Andre John BLUE MAGIC
Largest Dolphin 39.1 lbs. Nick Bovell PAIR A DICE
Largest Wahool 41.3 lbs. Sam Nothnagel MISCHIEF

No Billfish Were Brought To Scale.

Best of Category:

2006 Best of Category Award
Award Points Fisherman Boat
Best Male Angler 1267.25 pts. Andrew Rapson HAPPY HUNTER
Best Female Angler 509.1 pts Linda Amann VIKING IV
Best Junior Angler – Male 41.75 pts. Curtis Antoine, Jr. WORKSHOP SEA TOURS
Best Tag & Release Angler 1200 pts. Andrew Rapson HAPPY HUNTER
Best Tag & Release Team 2250 pts. HAPPY HUNTER
Best Boat – Day 1 2279.25 pts. HAPPY HUNTER
Best Boat – Day 2 1407.38 pts. MISCHIEF
Best Boat – Day 3 950 pts. HARD PLAY II
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