2004 Tournament Results

Check out the results from the 2004 Tobago International Game Fishing Tournament…

Top 10 Boats:

2004 Top 10 Boats
Place Boat Name Points
1st Place Boat HOPSCOTCH 1724 pts.
2nd Place Boat DREAM CATCHER 1566.66 pts.
3rd Place Boat GRAND SLAM II 1503.75 pts.
4th Place Boat HAPPY HUNTER 1263 pts.
5th Place Boat HARD PLAY II 1200 pts.
6th Place Boat SOUTHERN CROSS 1038.3 pts.
7th Place Boat SUPER COOL 750 pts.
8th Place Boat HARD PLAY 727.65 pts.
9th Place Boat ALPHA LIME 600.68 pts.
10th Place Boat CHALLENGE II 424.5 pts.

Largest of Species:

2004 Largest of Species Award
Fish Type Weight Fisherman Boat
Largest Yellowfin Tuna 48 lbs. Steven Mohammed DREAM CATCHER
Largest Dolphin 39.3 lbs. Paul Jenkins GRAND SLAM II
argest Wahool 46.3 lbs. Matthew Armstrong CHALLENGE II

Best of Category:

2004 Best of Category Award
Award Points Fisherman Boat
Best Male Angler 1200 pts. David Wong HOPSCOTCH
Best Female Angler 750 pts. Rachael Almandoz SUPER COOL
Best Junior Angler – Male 224.5 pts. David Wong CHALLENGE II
Best Tag & Release Angler 1200 pts. Matthew Armstrong HOPSCOTCH
Best Tag & Release Team 1200 pts. HOPSCOTCH
Captain of the Boat with
Most Speciesof Fish
Kester Herbert GRAND SLAM II

This was the boat that caught the most species of fish first. Tuna, Dolphin and Wahoo were all boated by 8:55 AM on the first day.

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